single channel video in loop | 5'20" | dimension depends on the mobile phone

🎶 Girl put your earphones on 🎶

A voice message of a love letter to my beloved extracorporeal organ which sometimes makes my pinkies numb.

“This object, which present most of the images you see after the first decade of the 21st century, shares the same system as the panel paintings before the 12th Century. The frame and the painting are the same piece of wood. They carved the frame first, and painted in the hollow. The frame decided the limitation, the boundary, the possibility of an image, a story in color, the way of seeing, the power of creation.

It engraved an illusion of a world within itself. A world is stretching out within slimmer and slimmer edges, and we seems to have more space.” 

This work is commissioned by Dordrechts Museum for the exhibition A Room With A View. Through observing the everyday life in the past through paintings and archeological archives from the Dordrechts Museum. A group of designers reimagine and correspond the findings under the contemporary gaze. Through a room acting as a stage where our stories are told, the juxtaposition of past and present, old and new, presents what a generation is thinking about today.

Inspired by the frame of The Glorification of Cornelis de Witt, painting by Jan de Baen, this series of works explored the frame of an image and its relation to the image and the space it inhabits from material frame to conceptual frame.

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