Still Life

60*58*8 cm | moving images in loop, personal belongings, plastic bags, digital frames

40*35*4 cm | moving images in loop, textile, digital frame
18*28*4 cm | moving images in loop, mirror, tissue, tears, pearls, digital frame

Do not consider surface if it does not serve as the extension of the whole. The frame is not merely an ornament but an extension of the intrinsic logic, providing support to the essence to become what it is.
Still water runs deep.

This work is commissioned by Dordrechts Museum for the exhibition A Room With A View. Through observing the everyday life in the past through paintings and archeological archives from the Dordrechts Museum. A group of designers reimagine and correspond the findings under the contemporary gaze. Through a room acting as a stage where our stories are told, the juxtaposition of past and present, old and new, presents what a generation is thinking about today.

Inspired by the frame of The Glorification of Cornelis de Witt, painting by Jan de Baen, this series of works explored the frame of an image and its relation to the image and the space it inhabits from material frame to conceptual frame.
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